Investment Value Unit

About “Investment Value Unit”

“Investment Value Unit” company unite business communities, investment organizations, companies, and entrepreneurs from more than 30 countries.

All participants have the opportunity to consult with experts, familiar with the results of the investment activity, which are carried out in the framework of the program, as well as access to a unite international database of investment projects.

Creating unite informational space for comprehensive assistance in the implementation of investment projects from all over the world, developing direct investments area.

The greatest effort at the framework of our activity direct to developing private investors institute, developing investment culture among the different parts of people from over the countries, organize a cooperation process between private investors, owners of small and profitable investment projects.

Priority task in our activity is attraction investor not only as a creditor but such as a partner for the investment project originator.

Goals of activities

To do the maximum efforts for creating an effective search of financial solutions for each investment project based on whole world database investment projects and organize open attraction of investors in these projects.

We invite for partnership originators of investment projects to place information in open access for more effective search of investors.

For us, the investment project is a global activity of the companies or private persons, direct to attraction investments to funding new projects and for buying and create assets, extend and renovate operating business, implementation new develop, funding sciences research and pilot production, and another activity to attract investments from third persons.

When originator placing information about investment project in our database of investment projects, he decreases costs to report information about his project to a wide circle of investors and besides spend less time for walking from one to another investor for funding. At the same time, investors take an opportunity of effective searching of investment projects that they are interested in and business ideas every type in real time.

For us, investor – this is a company or private person who have the opportunity to invest their free money to implement investment projects. No matter the form of implementation.
Searching for the investors using our system based on reporting information to the maximum quantity of partners, who have free money and who ready to invest these resources in selected investment projects.

We do not receive money from investors and don’t invest this money ourselves. We participate in creating investing money process direct from the investor to project.


- Create a unit informational database of investment projects, that can be accessed for a wide circle of interested parties, for originators and investors.

Investors are interested to invest not fewer than originators who are interested to attract the money and implement the projects.

Originator increases the opportunity to implement the project due to the fact that there is free access to the project to the maximum number of investors.

- Refreshing the information about projects every day for reporting to investors actual information about investment projects that include in our worldwide network.

- Supporting originators in achieving their business goals. The main partners for us are small and medium companies.

- Helping to implementation of the investment project with compliance with current legislation. Not every investor is professional in the legislation of other countries and doesn't know the general business rules. Our goal is to help all participants implement the investment project in compliance with all the norms and requirements of the legislation of the country where the project is being implemented and the countries where investors are located.

- Excluding, as far as possible, the language barrier and differences in the principles for evaluating investment projects between partners. We will carry out both the translation of the information about investment project into the language of the investor and its edit in terms of the principles and methods for evaluating investment projects adopted in the investor’s country.

- Controlling the implementation project progress in order to follow the interests of both investors and originators at all stages of development and implementation of the project. To help by the request for any participant of investment activities with accounting, legal, engineering support of an investment project at the place of its implementation.

- To achieve extending range of provided services for all participants of the investment projects.